Kan Hand-in-Hand øvelser afhjælpe stress relateret til COVID-19?

17. april 2020

Del artiklen

Børns Livskundskabs samarbejdspartner i Slovenien Ana Kozina har sammen med sit institut ERI igangsat en undersøgelse om hvorvidt HAND-in-HAND øvelser kan fungerer som en coping strategi i forhold til stress der er relateret til pandemien COVID19.

Hvis du har lyst til at deltage i undersøgelsen kan du finde øvelserne her

Og udfylde et spørgeskema før efter du har lavet øvelserne her:

Du kan herunder læse en beskrivelse af undersøgelsen:

How to be in contact with yourself, how to regulate your feelings, emotions, thoughts, how joint attention to ourselves, others and society can influence our own well-being and well-being of others has been a research focus of the HAND IN HAND project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRm5dtsKwBs) for the past three years. Among other activities we have also used a set of exercises for which positive outcomes have been evident in practice and research. We would like to invite you to try them out and see how they feel to you especially in the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exercises are available here  http://shorturl.at/gkDE0. To be able to see whether the exercises are helpful and if they can be used in this way, we would like to ask you to provide feedback in the form of an online questionnaire (10 minutes) before (and after) doing the exercises. Even though we would be extremely grateful for your feedback you are free to use the exercises without having to fill out the questionnaire (https://www.1ka.si/a/272522)