RETHINK Our Common Future – Transforming the Heart of Education – Research Meeting

Meeting International Research Cooperation

From May 4th through May 7th , 2015 in Aarhus at Via University College, Aarhus University and Skæring School.

This meeting was planned and initiated by a group of researchers, educators and practitioners in Denmark who all care about life and education as crucial elements in creating a sustainable common future. VIA University College, Aarhus University and Børns Livskundskab (The Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children) have for several years collaborated on research and practice in this field and would like to expand to researchers from other parts of Europe and beyond. We believe that close cooperation between locally grounded re-search and practice in a global perspective is the best way to create new knowledge and to promote changes and reforms within the field of education. Triple Focus, an initiative of Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge is one key partner in this endeavour.

This meeting took place also in the context of a larger initiative, Rethink Our Common Future (ROCF), which was seeking to foster reflections, dialogues and concrete initiatives aimed at rethinking how a sustainable common future might be achieved. ROCF is a non-profit organisation with a number of stakeholders from the public and private sector. One of its intermediate goals is to initiate and contribute to local, regional and national debates – in schools, workplaces, the world of arts, and in research organisations – on sustainability and the links between inner and outer development in a broad sense.

Partners of collaboration

Professor Kim Schonert-Reichl, Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Guus Geisen, Senior expert in Systems Thinking in Education, Holland
Assoc. Prof. Mette Vedsgaard, Ph.D., and Ph.d-fellow Else Skibsted, Via University College & School of Business and Social Sciences, AU.
Mette Miriam Böll, Ph.D., The Triple Focus Initiative

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